The Digital Storytelling Series about Le Marche is an ongoing creative project that sets out to document and share the Italian region's most interesting traditions across it's people, food, landscapes and arts.

The series connects these stories at an international level through developing premium ethnographic itineraries that bring together visiting guests and local creatives in the co-creation of short, digital stories.

WINTER SESSIONS is a seasonal project that tells how we celebrate the winter holiday season in Le Marche region and gives insight into the daily life of families, manufacturers and craftsmen who pass on ancient knowledge and traditions from generation to generation.

These digital stories are produced by HOUSE creative agency and it's Motion Lab in collaboration with Villa Tereze Holiday House.

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Our approach is guided by the view that new worlds can be discovered and bridged by extracting fragments of our realities into well-crafted motion productions.

1. Research

Our methods are informed by meticulous historical and cultural research we conduct to eloquently tell the story of the people, customs and products we highlight and explore.

2. Creative Ideation

After we meet with you, we begin the ideation and pre-planning process of assembling a carefully selected creative team and location to produce your itinerary.

3. Production & Post-Production

In this phase, we begin to craft your story through careful shooting and thoughtful editing, in situ.

4. Sharing

We share these stories using our lush photos, polished videos and custom itineraries through the high-impact channels of our international creative team and partners.

We view each of our projects as an ethnographic expedition into the deep, rich history of our region and aim to merge image into motion to communicate across cultural boundaries.

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Our work celebrates high quality creativity, thoughtfulness and cultural sensitivity at every stage of production, informed by deep research and knowledge of our subjects and clients.

We thrive in working with people who likewise devote themselves to the critical exploration of new ways in creating and transmitting their stories.

Meet our team


We are the international team behind HOUSE - the creative agency behind the stories.

Renate Auzina

Creative Direction

As founder and creative director, I bring broad international experience and passion to all of my work. My fields of interest range from graphic design and typography to sound art and electronic music. As a mother of two, I am also interested in creativity for kids and I am always looking for new inspiration and creative collaborations.

Morgan Sully

Artistic Direction & Web

Much of my practice is informed by critical inquiry into how new media technologies can tell stories and shape culture. I tend to seek out points of resonance in the communities I serve to conduct my work and learning. In my spare time, I make electronic music.

Zane Datava

Research & Project Management

My practice is located in the borderlands of contemporary art, music and social anthropology. During the rest of time, I catch moments in photographs.

Chiara Cesaretti

Graphic Design & Illustration

I am passionate about both imagination and precision and enjoy exploring the area in between. I also like to experiment with techniques in connection to materials and thus like using manual techniques of the past blended with contemporary ones.

Wilson Santinelli

Photo Documentation

I have chosen photography as my medium of expression and a way to unveil stories. It always inspires me to meet new collaborators and stories to capture.

Alessio Ballerini

Film & Original Sound Production

My work is based on two things I enjoy most - sound and moving image. I love to collaborate and help to visualize stories - from words till their incorporation into pictures and sounds.

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